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Friday, July 1, 2011


Quick blog hit!

The TENACIOUS TOYS x RAMPAGE TOYS mini kaiju cupcake series is live in the TENACIOUS TOYS webstore!

This VERY cool blind box series was based on my 2 inch mini cupcake kaiju platform! We hand picked four great artists (and I did some as well), and had them each do 5 pieces - making a total of 25 custom resin toys. The figures were blind boxed by TENACIOUS TOYS with some screen printed packaging art that I supplied. The series went live last week on the Tenacious Toys Website - $35 per piece with possibility of finding a GOLD TICKET!!! The lucky person who finds the gold ticket will get a little RAMPAGE TOYS care package to include a 5x7 OG painting and some other special one-of-a-kind goodies (toys!).

The Artists roster includes the following folks:

***Justin Hillgrove: the genius behind "Imps and Monsters" (
***Osiris Orion: a magician with an airbrush!!! (
***NREAZON: she has an eye for colorful and AWESOME (
***Nasty Niel - Wasted Talent - a true renaissance man ;-) (on twitter: @WSTDTLNT)
***RAMPAGE TOYS: ummm, me. (

Go ahead and grab yourself some mini-cake art-toy awesome - and tell all your friends about it!!! Below are some images, but there are even more on the TENACIOUS TOYS website!

Thanks Everyone!

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