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Friday, February 12, 2010

Famous People + RAMPAGE = AWESOME!!!

Hello Again out there in Internet Land!

Well, as the title of this post suggests, RAMPAGE TOYS has been on the go and 'working' in the presence of some massive celebrities! Yeah! So, yeah, they might not be known to all people in all lands the world over, but these people are known to me and MANY MANY others within the two most righteous circles of coolness: Toys and Sci-Fi! What more DOES one need!?!?!?

First, in early January, Mr. Huck Gee payed Seattle (AKA - 'Rampage-toys-town') a visit; gracing the premis of Seattle's own little toy and plush source - Schmancy Toys. Having heard that Huck would be heading north to Seattle from the Bay Area, I decided it was high time to prepare a toy for him to sign and doodle upon. I had this Trexi lying about the place, and had no plans for it, so it got a smattering of pinkish spray-can tones, and off it went to the artist's signing! I then took the little guy and added some acrylics and a nice thick clear-coat. Awesome! Here's all the photo evidence:

Huck himself - doin' a doodle in the RAMPAGE TOYS sketch book. A trusty can of Ranier (pronounced: "Ron-yay" of course) nearby.

Trexi from the front. Some smooth paint and Huck's signature doodle on the belly. Very Nice!


Paint splatters. Precise AND random! umm.. that makes sense, right?

More recently (i.e. last week) RAMPAGE TOYS filled an order from a modern literary mastermind of sci-fi - Kij Johnson - winner of the 2009 World Fantasy Award for her short story '26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss'! (read it here!) This lovely lady put in an order for two yummy yummy cupcakes from RAMPAGE series one, and I don't think it's a stretch to say that she was psyched to get them! Here's some pics from delivery day:
Kij and her cupcakes! YAY!

Coffe and Cupcakes? But wait, the cupcakes are taking bites out of YOU!
As, always, there's a ton in the works - including some 2d Artwork, and more toys. Check back in the next couple of weeks for more from RAMPAGE TOYS! In the meantime, feel free to check out the flickr page for photo updates.

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