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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dunny-Monaut Custom!


So, finally I'm able to post about this rediculous toy that has taken me over a month and a half to complete! It seemed at every turn I was running into an issue with the various found objects I was using - or I just kept on having more and more new ideas, and couldn't make up my mind how to move forward!

Anyway, here it is - My RAMPAGE Dunny-Monaut (think 'Cosmonaut' but for Dunny) Custom!!! The body on this guy is a Mini-Munny, and the head (inside the helmet) is a Dunny. Here I used the left-over parts from last December when I made 'Kawaii' (check out the January post "Kawaii!" to see where the other parts got to). The hinged helmet opening was tricky, and took numerous attempts to get right... I eventually came accross a small make-up compact that wass the right size, and only took a hour or so of dremel work to perfect. All of the sculpting was done with Kneadatite 'Green Stuff,' combined with found objects, some plastic card and some masking tape here and there. The paint is primarily sprayed on (gray then blue then white), leaving some areas less covered and some more 'splattered' looking. The rest is acrylics. The Dunny head was painted and floced (yay! fuzzy bunny!). Anyway, enjoy! I'm psyched on the results and welcome any and all comments!

Here's the full-frontal view - helmet closed to keep the out of the vaccum of space!!!!!

...And here's te open-helmet-view. The hinge moves smooth like butta'.

Dunny-Monaut has three kills - so far... I used waterslide decals for these skulls and some of the other tiny details. The gun was modified from the full sized Munny accessory, then masked, sprayed and detailed with acrylics.

Detail of the LASER OF DOOM - note the 'power-o-meter' and the two buttons for either 'mame' or 'destroy'

Here's Dunny-Monaut himself - Handlebar Moustache and all! Watch out!

Check out the RAMPAGE TOYS Flickr page for more photos - including documentation of this fella in the making. I'm also working on about 5 other custom toys at the moment - including one for the upcoming PVC Show (hosted by Delicious Drips and Skully Boom). Stay tuned for more toys and art from RAMPAGE TOYS!!!

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