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Monday, January 11, 2010

Storytime Continues!

Time for more RAMPAGE profiles!

This time around you'll get the nitty-gritty on Devil Dawg, Choco-Bar and Choco-Chip - the 'Choco-Fiend-Trio'!!!! So, without further ado:
Devil Dawg: Cast from the depths of HELL (actually the subburbs of Northern Jersey, but what IS the difference really?...) by plaintive neighboors, after throwing one too many wild parties, Devil Dawg fled to greener pastures in the greater Pacific Northwest. Free from a stressful existence amidst his Drakes Cakes Fraternity (<--yes, this is hyperlinked), he discovered the wonders of the mountains and the relaxing company of new friends. Devil Dawg now spends his days plotting world dominion and sipping Mac'n Jacks along with his partners in crime: Choco-Bar and Choco-Chip.

Choco-Bar: At some point, this tasty fellah' found himself boarding a ship in Brazil bound for Portland, Oregon. What attracted him there? Was it the vibrant music scene, the myriad of watering holes, or the moderate climate? - all of the above? What we know for sure is that Choco-Bar knows how to rock out on the drums, and his penchant for loud music eventually led him to team up with Devil Dawg and Choco-Chip to form the 'Choco-Fiend-Trio.'

Choco-Chip: Grandma Fruxbee of the UP, Michigan was terrified when one day she opened her oven to behold Choco-Chip and his sharp pointy teeth!!! Like many hip Midwesterners who yearn to escape lulling boredom and snowy winters, Choco-Chip joined the western migration to Seattle (<-- also hyperlinked). The long rainy season of his new home provided ample opportunity to hone his rockin' guitar skills. Choco-Chip loves mexi-fries and pop!

Up Next: Punkin' Pie and Jell-o, and some tasty RAMPAGE plush!!!

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