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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post will be short but colorful. Yay! As I mentioned in an earlier post (10-29-2009), Japan is just littered with cuteness, and what better way to preserve the vivid memory of kawaii (Japanese for 'cute') than in the semi-immortal form of a plastic toy! After all, plastic will outlive all of us (in a purely chemical sense)...

So, long story short, the Tokyo bus system mascot looks like this:

As soon as my wife saw this cute little guy, she mentioned she just might like to see him in toy form (she thought Santa's Elves just might make him...), and here he is! Enjoy!
The head is that of a Kidrobot Minny Munny, and the body was salvaged from a rather ugly Kidrobot Dunny (you never know what you'll get in a blind box...).

The wings, antennae and little-red-tail were made from air-dry sculpting putty, thin steel wire (wing outlines), transparency paper (wings) and armature wire (antennae).

I'll return to the RAMPAGE characters' stories soon. It's been a busy time - in a good way. A lot has been happening, and production is ramping-up in the RAMPAGE TOYS world!!! Much more to come SOON.


  1. Dude, you might have something here. Salvaging misfit toys to create your own Frankensteinian monsters? That's frickin brilliant! Would that be some crazy copyright infringement or what? No press is bad press man!

  2. Thanks Dave! Unfortunately Kidrobot likes it when people make stuff out of their toys - it's all good business for them - so no press release here... Want a frankenstein-ish creature of you very own? You know your desk needs one!