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Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Here are a couple rad flyers put together by a couple rad cats:

Above By Walter Parenton!  IV4E!
<-- -="" aka="" bobbybeast="" boygraphics="" creative="" from="" genius="" iv="" p="" parenton="" walter="">

Above by TRU:TEK!
<-- anderson="" awesome="" engaland="" ever="" from="" iall="" ol="" p="" the="" tru:tek="">

So, below is a list of what I'll have there and pricing.  Items in the Tenacious Case (from Thursday Start time!) are sold via Benny of Tenacious Toys - and he takes dem plastic card thangies.  Items I will sell on Saturday will be cash and carry folks - I'm just getting back to the U.S.A. on Thursday night - no time to set up that card reader jazz.  In any case, all items will be sold at the TENACIOUS TOYS BOOTH - Booth # 309.  Here's the skinny:

Tenacious Toys Exclusives (Available from Thursday):

-ROTTEN X: $150 each
-Ugly Onicorn (Blue Devil Colorway): $45 each
-Clear Blue Cyclops Dinos (sets of 3): $40/set
-Asssorted painted micro dudes: $8-10 each
-Bunny Bear Sets (4 colors of clear vinyl in a baggy with header): $20/set

RAMPAGE-FES - SATURDAY!  10AM 'till 11:30AM  (They call it a 'signing' - but I doubt anyone wants a signature!):

-Hawaii Kesagake (with 2 omake tropical villlager snack pack): $220 each
-RAMPAGE x GRAVY mix-n-match FUN! (build your own set): $65/set
-RT x GRAVY x Science Patrol Tank Heads: $60 each (you'll see)
-GNAW X: $160 each
-Alien Hunter X: $160 each
-Bones Hag DX Micro Run: $250 each
-Fall colors WINTER NIBBLER: Painted $20 each, Blank $15 each
-FINAL Lab Mice Release (marbled vinyl blank set of 3 ugly little dudes): $40/set
-Clear glittery blue Snack Pack sets (2 villagers - kaibutsu snacks): $30/set (painted)
-T-shirts: $25 each

PLUS assorted SUFES stragglers and studio clean-out goodies and maybe a custom or two in the mix!  Surely I've forgotten something in these lists...

Some guidelines:  
#1) No purchasing two of any of the big guys - spread the fun people.  Number of items per person yet to be determined 
#2) Please don't be an ass or complain about not getting a toy or other stuff like that.  Please.  This should be fun, no?
#3) Gifts of pizza and beer are always appreciated
#4) Introduce yourself!  I'm moving to the area, and would love to meet you guys who are there!
Remaining items will go up in the online shop at a time TBD.  Patience young and old Padewans!

Psyched!  See you guys out there!


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