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Monday, January 21, 2013


Hey Folks!

It's been a wild and crazy couple of weeks - leading up to THIS FRIDAY'S opening here at RAMPAGE STUDIOS!

It's about time I get all of the info straight for this thing.  Here is it:

WHERE:  RAMPAGE STUDIOS (171-0032, 3-14-9 Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku Tokyo-to, JAPAN)

WHEN:  Opening Party is on January 25th (Friday) starting from 7PM.  Store hours (pending travel, show attendance, or other such things) following the opening will be: Mon. closed, Tues. 14:00-19:00, Wed. 12:00-17:00, Thurs. 14:00-19:00, Fri. closed, Sat./Sun. ONLY open for exhibitions or events: 11:00-16:00.  I can also open up at other times if you make an appointment, which can be done via email:

WHAT:  Opening Partay and show to feature the following most excellent awesomeness:


More specifically, the contributors for this show have sent over a TON of  great stuff including, but certainly not limited to, the follwing:

-TRU:TEK and the Disarticulators Debut of Kesh-e-Face, The Tiny Terrors from the deep and Higekami (Master of Beard Fu). 
-TR:TEK has provided the DEBUT release of his H.U.S.T.L.E. artist series! 

@trutek 's contribution to the opening show at #rampagestudios !   So so sooooo awesome!

-Nama Niku reveals his NNWA figure - Awesome!
-Hellopike sent over a ton of his Nikuthulu MUSCLE mash-up - in lots of different colors
-Eric Nilla has gone all out with loads of MUSCLES of the Universe figures, and his original Sitting Adam and SD Rick figures.
-Peter Kato provided a nice pile of resin that has been given some signature RAMPAGE TOYS paint applications ;-)
-Art Junkie delivered a box full of his handpainted "Shitman' resin figures, as well has some 'DX' shitman resins and an exclusive T-shirt release
-The RAMPAGE STUDIOS Gachapon Machine will be up and running - stocked with rubber figures from RAMPAGE TOYS and Nama Nikku.

Rampage Studio's Gachapon Machine has arrived!!!

AND THEN - VINYL:  On top of the great stuff that will be on display (and for sale) for the opening show, there will also be a whole bundle of exclusive sofubi releasing.  The shop (and on-line store) will feature rotating exclusives and RAMPAGE handpainted sofubi from some of the best folks out there!  Stock at the opening (or in the weeks/months to follow) will feature the following makers:

-Pop Soda
-Angel Abby (RAMPAGE STUDIOS is to become one of Angel Abby's Tokyo Distribution Stores!)
-Monster Worship
-Hints and Spices

The list is growing, but for now the above listed makers have either already mailed me stuff, or their stuff will be in the shop at the time of the opening on the 25th. 

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: New Dinosaurs and New Ugly Unicorns are on the way!  Things have been a bit nutty, so releases have been slow in the new year - but the regular release schedule will pick up again soon!  Lots of great collaborations are on their way as well, so get psyched!  Also, sculpts are started for some new sofubi!  YAY!

More soon - including the (eventual) birth of and such :-P

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