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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ugly Hath Arrived on the Scene!

Hey Folks! Time for a quick update before I jump on the night bus - headed for Tokyo!
The UGLY UNICORN is in full swing! I got the first box of blank vinyl 2 days ago, and yesterday was a day of nothing by painting! I'm excited beyond belief that this project is happening, and I'm also psyched on the first painted runs.
So, without further delay, here are pictures:
Bag of candy! The whole house smelled like vinyl for hours :-D
The airbrush studio - ready to go!
Two painted runs for SUPERFESTIVAL on the 25th in Tokyo! "Allsorts Liquorice Ugly" and "Poppy Goji Ugly"!!! I had a blast painting these and can't wait to paint more - for NYCC ;-)
Did some simple painted and screen printed headers for these two releases. I love header cards - it makes a toy into a 'whole package' for me!
If you're in Tokyo on the 25th come by and say 'hi' at Superfestival - and get a chance to grab these figures first! Leftovers will go up in the shop on the 27th in the morning - also known as the 26th in the evening/night in America ;-) E-mail reminders will go out to the mailing list.
One last note - pre-ordered blanks will go out in the mail on Friday!
Thanks for stopping by the blog and reading up on UGLY's progress!

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