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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GODBEAST x RAMPAGE Wondercon Release

Big news for the upcoming Wondercon on April 1-3 in San Francisco - I'll be releasing some AWESOME new figures! This will be a 2 figure set - Sculpt/Mash-up by me and the release run of 15 sets all cast by Marty Hansen, better know as TGB - The GODBEAST Customs. Marty does some amazing work with Crystal Clear resin, and he deffinitely nailed it with these figures! They'll come bagged with a header card (I'll have the original header art for sale at Wondercon as well) - Clears will go for $35 a set and GID for $40 a set. Heres pics (I'm in Europe at the moment - some new pics when I get back!):

And, some logistics info - I'll be at booth Number 1239 with 'Imps and Monsters' - which is near exit number 13 on the Folsom Side of the Convention Hall. I'll have bundles of stuff, so come on by and say 'hi.'


  1. I really dig the bizarre glow on the purplish set!

  2. Thanks Wolverine :-) They were hard to put in a box the other day... :-( I wanted to keep them!!!