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Friday, February 11, 2011

New Shop Madness!


So, along with the fancy new update to the blog's format (YAY - that was long in the making... short in the actual 'doing'... only took an hour or so...), come MANY MANY items up for sale in the shiny new Shop!!!!

I've been casting a bundle of resin, and finally taking the time to do some painting, which was sorely missed durring the shop and web-update phase from the past weeks.... I've got some old and some new items available. So, without further adoo (umm, adieu? Add-oo? I duh-no...), here are some pictures! All items available HERE.

YAY! Buttons! 12 for 10 bucks!

New Run of Happy Cupcake Buddhas! 2 sold in the first 5 minutes of being posted! Grab the last one quickly! The slimy guy is an homage to Heddorah the slime Kaiju!

Horray For handpainted MiniCakes! Edition of 3!

MiniCake -Artificial Color Edition with OG handpaint header card!

Local Resin AWESOME guy, Dave Sheely, ran off a few nice casts of the Cupcake Luchador! 2 left - their going like 'Hot Cupcakes!'

Next week (next Friday) I'll be putting up some ancient treasures! Keep your eyes peeled!

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