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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hey Hey!

Last week, these guys went up on Valentine's Day:

Happy Valentine UU!

Forgot to post that :P

THIS WEEK - Super fun release!   Mr D-LUX, renowned for his prolific airbrush handpaint customs, hast sent over a lovely batch of Cyclops Dinos! These are all painted in different color combo DOTS! Each set is one-of-a-kind, and each one is pretty AWESOME!

D-LUX Dots Dinos D-LUX Dots Dinos

You can grab the set of your choice at RAMPAGE STUDIOS or on-line at the RAMPAGE SHOP, on Thursday at 10AM Japan time (Actually, RAMPAGE STUDIOS opens at 2PM). That's 8PM EST on Wednesday for those of you in the states - and some other time if you are somewhere else!

Thanks for checking in  (^_^)b


  1. These little monster toys are really cool peice of work. Love that.

  2. Interesting toys! Cute in a creepy sort of way. I collect Fast and FuriousDiecast collectibles but may start collecting with this ones :)