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Tuesday, February 26, 2013



As I prepare to leave for a short vacation, I'm scrambling to get things in order for when I return! There's A LOT happening in March - my birthday ranking pretty high for me personally :-P

But, seriously, I'm very excited to announce the second art and toy event here at RAMPAGE STUDIOS in Tokyo - MECHAVIRUS!


Mechavirus, Todd Robertson, will be sending over a whole bundle of awesome customs for a show here in Mid march. Here are the details:

-Mechavirus customs on sofubi from the following makers: RAMPAGE TOYS, Uamou, Blobpus, Frenzy, Pico Pico, Maxtoy Co.

-RAMPAGE painted Amonite Micro Run!

-Show opens Friday March 15th

- Party and sales start at 7PM.

-Open from 3/16-3/22 (the following Friday). Hours: Sat/Sun.-11am-4pm; Closed Monday; Tues.-Fri.-2pm-7pm.

-On-line sales will commence after 17th in the RAMPAGE on-line shop。

If you are in the Tokyo area, come check it out!


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