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Thursday, July 24, 2014


It's that time of year again -  standing around in a puddle of sweat while painting and getting all ready and psyched for SUMMER WONDERFESTIVAL!  YAY!

This time around I will again be sharing a large space with the Paralyzing Toys Crew:  Nerdone, Pop Soda, Refreshment, Datadub, MASH, Shamrockarrow and Dr. Strangetoys.  Nerdone, as usual, put together a fun image for advertising on Instagram, this:



The main event for me will be the release of my first ever licensed figure: JAMIRA from Ultraman!  I was fortunate to be assisted with licensing and all the necessary and official stuff by the most excellent MARMIT!  With the release of this figure I am achieving a definite high point in this toy making business - being able to create my own version of my personal favorite Ultraman character!  Looking to the future (as you can perhaps tell by the header card artwork), I am considering further additions to the 'RAMPAGE ULTRA KAIJU SERIES' - who knows!  A HUGE thanks is required for all the help I have received from Akamatsu-san.  It would not have been possible without his support and reliable assistance.  THANK YOU MARMIT!!!
As I've basically managed to almost entirely self produce this figure (sculpt, wax, paint, packaging), I hope to share a little bit about the whole process - in an upcoming blog post.  For now, here's the figure (first release: "OG Bullmark Colors") and the header art that is set to be used for the series:
Sale details:  Retail is set to be about the equivalent of $40 (USD. ~ 4,000JPY).  These will be available on a first come first served basis.
Along with the Jamira drop, there will be a broad smattering of OG RAMPAGE sofubi and the typical array of customs/collaborations.  The majority of what I'm bringing is shown in the next pic - details below - all of which is plain old first come first served sales:

Back row:  RAMPAGE x Skullheadbutt "Metallic Grape Ape" (5 of these), RAMPAGE x Frank Mysterio "Lizard King 666" (3 of these), "Tropical Squeeze UU" (SUPER squishy blue vinyl - set pf UU and micro UU).

DINOS:  mixed parts painted cyclops dinos!  Heavy on the T-REX!  Only a andful of the available combos are pictured

MICRO SHAGGY UNICORNS:  new little dudes!  Might have some other little guys on offer.  Have a peek on Sunday ^_^

 BLANK LAB MICE!  Haven't done any blanks since the pre-order black.  Here's some pretty yellow and lavender dudes.  Come bagged with header - set of three.

SURPRISES!!!  Keep an eye on Instagram and such - there are a couple other things that I'm pretty psyched about ^_^