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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Hey Blogger Reading Peopleses!

Alas, I had, yet again, forgotten to Update the blog of late.  Here's a quick update of what has been happening - which I will follow up with a NEW post in a bit - about what WILL be happening soon!

-Halloween Release!  This happened - still a few items remaining in the ol' shoppe: here

-Design Festa!  This was a blast as always - hanging out with Pop Soda and Refreshment Toy, and putting out some new Gachapon Goblins and other fun stuff ^_^  Here's a pic:

-Junkie 6!  Another fun outing with Devil Robots, Mad Barbarians, Art Junkie and Hidaka Makoto - this time at the new Fewmany location in Shinkuku!  The event has since closed, and couple items from that are now in the shop as well.

Next up - NEW stuff AND the OSAKA Doki Doki Sofubi Event on December 1st!  Post to follow :-)