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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Just a few more select items to go, and the RAMPAGE BIG CARTEL will be all stocked up!

Horray - that's almost done! 

The Shop also got a little makeover - improving the appearance (me thinks), and allowing me to stock A LOT more items. Keep your eyes peeled for oodles of great stuff over the next months (and beyond!). Here's the new shop header: NEW SHOP HEADER!

Now, head on over and see what kind of goodies you can score ;)

In stock are new items from me (RAMPAGE TOYS), Grumble Toy, Kikkake, Uamou, Blurble, Velocitron, Trutek, Eric Nilla, hellopike, Peter Kato, and Art Junkie.

This weekend (Saturday here in Japan - Friday PM in the states) will see the release of a figure I am most excited about - a RAMPAGE STUDIOS Exclusive Splurrt x RAMPAGE Mecha Brain Cadaver Kid (that's a mouth full).  THis will be a run of 30 figures - split 20 on-line and 10 in-store (at RAMPAGE STUDIOS).  So, if you are in Tokyo, come grab one in person.  Otherwise, get your trigger finger prepped.  I wager these will be gone within a minute of my hitting 'active' on the status listing...

Here's pics.  These are taking A LOT of work.  Kind of brain dead here...

Mecha BRAINS! Mecha BRAINS! Best of luck to all the Splurrt fans out there!

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