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Also check out the Tenacious Toys' webstore and One Up (toy shop in Akihabara, Tokyo) for some RAMPAGE goodies now and again.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Check these photos!

After copious amounts of procrastination, the RAMPAGE MUNNY MOBILE is finally up for viewing on the RAMPAE TOYS blog!!!

Please feel free to contact with questions or interest in a custom Munny. Sculpting, painting, drawing - it's all a go!


Check out the stylish jeans, leather belt and RAMPAGE TOYS t-shirt! - not to mention the sharp fang and bushy eye-brows. SCARY!

Flames make the munny mobile faster --- of course! Check out those white walls!!!!!!!!!!!

A euro plate - they just look cooler!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going on 2 Months - Time Flies!

Hello All Interested (and therfore interesting) Peoples!

Work is a drag, right? Well, that's the general consensus among us striving artist-types - whiling away our time at work durring the day... The past two months have flown by with no updates on this page!

But no matter! Things are bustling along and Rampage Toys is sticking it out!

If you live in Seattle, keep an eye out for people clad in RAMPAGE TOYS t-shirts! The assembly line has been spitting out the occasional shirt and hoodie for commited fans, and they're looking awesome. Here's a peek:

Also, check out the shop at for RAMPAGE TOYS on sale on-line! The AWESOME Kristen Trask at Schmancy Toys (Downtown Seattle on 2nd next to the Moore Theater) is carrying a full set of Series 1 RAMPAGE TOYS!!!!