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Monday, April 24, 2017

RT paint Oltretomba Release! Lottery now open

Hey People!

Here's info on a project that is a bit out of the box - a big gnarly toy that is not Japanese vinyl for which am offering a RAMPAGE painted version.  Introducing, the RAMPAGE OLTRETOMBA:

This figure measures roughly 12 inches tall, articulates at the head, legs and arms and was cast in yellow vinyl.  Paint is bright neon an metallic sprays with a fair amount of brushwork and a sparkly jewel eye.

These are now available for purchase by lottery drawing.  They are $250 each, plus shipping ($15 within the United States, and $50 elsewhere).  To enter the lottery, please send an email to  with the subject line "Oltretomba Lottery."  Please include the following in the body of your email:

-Telephone Number

Winners will be notified this week, and payment is required within 24 hours of the winning notice.

Thank Peoples!


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