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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Superfestival - OVER!

It's been a week and a half since Superfestival came and went!  Time sure does fly!

So, anyway, taking a break from painting for Design Festa (in a week and a half from now!), and other assorted events in May and June (LOTS!) - here are some pics from Superfestival.   It was a great event!  Thanks to all who came out, and especially to all those who picked up some toys!  All remaining items are up in the shop now (^_-)


Dino Gacha Gacha!!!

@angelabby_hk @splurrt and new Manotaur at Superfestival!

KESHI!!!  Great stuff from Nama Niku, Eric Nilla, hellopike and Tru:Tek.  Thanks fellahs!
@trutek @ericnilla @kingthe100t and @hellopike at Superfestival!

The NEW GLYOS compatible FULLY ARTICULATED one inch Ugly Unicorn!
#Glyos Micro UU!!! online soon!

RAMPAGE and Collab Sofubi
More Sofubi!  @butcherbrand @Kikkake

An assortment of MECHAVIRUS (Todd Robertson) customs
@Mechavirus at Superfestival!

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