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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hey People!

Bah!  I'm busy!

Since September 21st I have been working every single day in an effort to get everything ready for October 10th - the day when NYCC is to be all set up and ready to go!  It looks like things will be good to go, namely the following stuff:

TENACIOUS TOYS NYCC Exclusive RAMPAGE sofubi!  NEW BLUE VINYL- painted AND blank


-RAMPAGE paintwork on the followings peoples' vinyl and resin:
*Chima Group
*Max Toy
*Peter Kato

-Exclsive releases by some of Rampage Toy's toy compatriots!  I'll host releases from the follwing notable awesome people:
*Galaxy People (Cats!)
*Kaiju Coupe (Dogs!)

-Very VERY talented people's paintwork on RAMPAGE vinyl!  These guys went to town on some SWEET customs for the RAMPAGE case:
*Mechavirus (Todd Robertson)
*D Lux

-And, of course, there is more!  Some surprises for a session at O'nell designs booth, and other coolness too ;-)

Here's the NEED TO KNOW info:

When: October 11th-14th (11th is preview day/night - for 4 day pass holders only)
Where: Jacob Javitz Center ***All 4 days at booth #3121 (Tenacious Toys' booth), and also at the O'nell Designs' booth for a session!

Check out the Con's website for all the details:

I'll post again with more pics before the event. 

Hope to see you there!!!!

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