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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Next Monday (4/30/2012) is Superfestival 59 in Tokyo! I'm PSYCHED!

I'll be in a big ol' shared space with Ilanena, Fig-lab, Shirahama and (for part of the day) Chima Group! Should be some good times!

Of course I tried to pull together a formidable array of painted toys - I hope I accomplished that goal! Here are pictures:

First release of the Manotaur! 5 sets of "Companion Monsters" - Manotaur + UU Companions

Peter Kato Resin Ninja Cats - RAINBOW Ninja Cats! Sets of 5 mini-figures each. Peter Kato X Rampage

RAMPAGE x Chima Group Amedas RAMPAGE x Chima Group

RAMPAGE x Ilanena Penguin Metrobayakan RAMPAGE x ILANENA

Blue X-ray Uamous!!!

I'll also have whole bundle of stuff that Kikkake gave me to paint - bears, elephants, Kellerman, Gekko, Goccodo poo dudes! The works! And, of course, some stand-alone Ugly Unicorns ;) Most of the new Ugly Unicorns will be at Design Festa on may 13th and 14th, so expect a BIG update about those guys soon!

Hope to see some of you at SF59!

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