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Sunday, February 5, 2012


"What's a Whaniphant?" you say? Well - only a most-excellent sofubi toy! Only the kick-ass brain child of Shane Haddy (Hints and Spices) from Australia!


Anyway, this Friday (Friday Evening EST) will see the release of a little micro-run Waniphant collab. RAMPAGE x Hints and Spices on glitter vinyl! I painted five of these crazy creatures with a bundle of clear sprays and a hint of brush work here and there. These serve as a little 'teaser' for something Shane and I have in the works, which will be revealed just a little before the next Superfestival near the end of April.

Here's pics of this Friday's new-ness!

Glitter Waniphants!

Glitter Waniphants!

Of course, don't forget about the RAINBOW GID Ugly Unicorns and Blank GID Ugly Unicorns that are up for pre-order until this Friday! Don't miss out on your only chance to grab a blank GID Unicorn (I hate to see people cry,... ya know?).

Dark Side of the Ugly

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