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Monday, December 26, 2011


Today I depart fropm the Snowy North (Akita - Japan), and board a train for Tokyo! Ahead are plans for some hanging out, toy perusing, a visit to Studio Uamou, Shinto Gangu, Mandarake, etc. - and a nice trip to Kyoto for some 'other' culture as well.
At the end of the trip we will return to Tokyo for SUPERFESTIVAL 58! I'll be laoding my little 1 meter table with tons of Sofubi Toys - Ugly Unicorns and Collaborations galore!
Here are pics - I'll let them do the talking:
Clear X-ray Ugly Unicorns:
"Snowgon Ugly Unicorns" :

COLLABORATIONS (rampage paintwork on other designers figures):

Chima Group Bolo:

Kikkake Kuma-chan (little bears):

Velocitron Ghouls:
Chima Group Tnegallon:
Come to Tokyo! Should be AWESOME!

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