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Thursday, September 30, 2010


OK - The time is nigh! The RAMPAGE TOYS Kapukeeki Kaiju will be unveiled at New York Comic Con - October 8-10 at the Javitz Center in NYC. Head right on over to the TENACIOUS TOYS booth in the Cultyard and get yours! Limited run of 5 pieces ONLY - each hand cast resin toy (cast in 3 different colored resins) will come with a hand painted and screen printed box, a very limited (edition of 8) photolithograph depicting the header card art for Future releases of this toy, AND a secret message for each buyer! What will the message say? For now, let's just say - possible free ART!!! I also hope to include some pins :-)

Here's a teaser -stay tuned for the full reveal next week!

So, instead of a brand new post (how time-consuming is that!), here's, instead, an UPDATE! Below are full reveal pics of the upcoming Releases at the Tenacious Toys booth (#2878) at NYCC TOMORROW!!! GO get your hands on some RAMPAGE TOYS resin and print art!!!

The full package - 4 inch resin, super limited photolithograph and spray painted/screen printed box! RAWR!!!


Edition of 3 - 5 color Screenprint

I'll be there on Saturday! I'll be happy to do sketches if you've got a book with you :-) STop by the Tenacious Toys booth, or just find me - I'll be wearing a light green RAMPAGE TOYS T and carrying around free RAMPAGE buttons!

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