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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ollie the Munny-World Entry Munny


Ollie here (named in honor of my wife's dearly departed and beloved goldfish of many years) didn't quite make the cut in the Munny World Contest, but He did make the first spot in the 'check out these cool 'other' customs' list!

Ollie's fins and tail are made from armatron wiring and masking tape (simple in theory , difficult in practice). The paint-job is primarily the result of layering with orange, white, gold and silver spray cans, and the face details and portions of the tail are sculpted with green stuff (a 2 part epoxy-like sculpting putty - no baking required). Enjoy!!!

The full frontal view. Check the subtle coloring on his belly!

A 'little bit o' detail' shot. Put this guy in water, he could swim with those fins!

Congrats to all the winners - whoever you all are. Rampage Toys will keep chugging away, and maybe they'll do another one of these comps!

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Up next - some plush and a ROCKET WORLD I.W.G custom. Yeeah! Give me a couple weeks though...